You’re Invited …

We connect through honoring all that life has to offer.  When we honor one another, when we honor the earth, the stars, the animals, our emotions, the emotions of others, our journey, our strengths, our weaknesses...., wcultivate compassion, and through compassion we cultivate new life!! 

Honor lets us live - fully and in freedom!
We honor the journey in which we are about to embark

both individually and collectively!


Let’s be honest... we wake up in the morning and are often inundated with craziness!  It seems that there is a feeling that we have all lost our way or that anger and pain of the world is overwhelming. So, what do we do when we know it’s our job to stay afloat?  How do we navigate the waters when they are rough? How do we enjoy them when they are calm?



Sometimes it is by looking to the ancient wisdom that has navigated beyond time - the natural beauty of cycles - life, death, and rebirth - that guides us back to knowing our connection.  


With each season, we find beauty

Within ourselves, we find wisdom.

Within one another, we remember we are not alone!